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General Strategy

Blob Hunter

This type of gang is designed for hunting and ganking blobs; the bigger the better. HSLR T2 Cruisers, T1 Battlecruisers, Snipe or RR Battleship gangs. The type doesn't really matter. The main idea is to catch a blob of ships typically by using a cloaking interdictor. Smartbombing Battleships specifically fit for this tactic are jumped in on top of the hostile blob by using a cyno and a Titan's jump bridge. The devious aspect about this tactic, is that it is nearly impossible for the hostile blob to spot this trap before it's too late to do anything about it.

Gone in 16 Seconds

16 seconds (3 volleys of smartbombs) is about the maximum time that a conventional blob can last when hit by this type of gang. 25 Durkas (Smartbombing Battleships) will do 60,000 EM damage per volley. This is enough to kill almost any HAC, Recon, or below. 8 Seconds later, the 2nd volley will go off for a total of 120,000 EM damage. This is enough to kill snipe fit or lightly tanked battleships, and many Battlecruisers. 16 Seconds after the initial wave, the 3rd volley of smartbombs will have added to a total of 180,000 EM damage which will kill anything but the heaviest EM tanked HICs and Command Ships.

If the gang consists of 1/2 the number of Durkas, 12-14, there is still enough smartbombing power to kill a HSLR HAC/Recon gang in 2 volleys.

Typical Scenarios

Scenario 1: Moving Hostile Gang

  • Find the target: Hostile fleet is spotted moving down the pipe. Cov ops confirms blob is warping gate to gate. dictor and cyno ship set up 50km and 70km respectively in front of the gate in the next system. Cyno ship uses "look at" on the nearby gate and adjusts the camera such that the two gates the hostile fleet is warping from and to are overlapping as one icon. The cyno pilot then attempts to get good alignment by moving his ship so that his ship's icon and the 2 gate icons all overlap.
  • Spring the trap: Hostile fleet comes in local, dictor decloaks and drops 1st bubble. Cyno ship decloaks. Dictor powers to 15km past cyno ship and waits. When hostile fleet is confirmed by cov ops to be warping into the trap, the FC calls for the cyno ship to pop the cyno, the Titan connects the bridge, and Durkas bridge in using the Titan. Durkas approach cynosural field (also the bubble catch point) and the Durka Commander instructs the Durkas to toggle hardeners to overheat but not to turn on hardeners yet. When hostile fleet is on close range scan, Durka Commander orders Durkas to activate hardeners. When enemy fleet gets caught on the bubble, Dictor pops 2nd bubble preventing enemy ships from warping out. Dictor then powers away, cloaks, and fraps the rest of the fireworks
  • 0 Seconds Elapsed: Durka Commander orders Durkas to fire smartbombs doing 60,000 em damage killing all tacklers, t1 cruisers, recons, snipe fit HACs and Battleships, and most heavy tanked HACs and logistics. Durkas begin trying to lock and scram/web heavy ships that won't pop in one or two volleys.
  • 3 Seconds Elapsed: Durkas warp scramble and web remaining ships to keep them from getting out of range. At this point, remaining enemy ships have only begun to move for 1 second at most though many will experience much lag.
  • 8 Seconds Elapsed: 8 seconds after first cycle of bombs (around 3-5 seconds after enemy ships can begin to move away), Durkas fire off 2nd volley of smartbombs for a total of 120,000 em damage killing all remaining tanked HACs, Battlecruisers, and lesser tanked battleships. If only a few ships remain, Durka Commander orders Durkas stop smartbombing, release heavy drones and kill each remaining ships.
  • 16 Seconds Elapsed: 16 seconds after the first cycle of bombs (around 11-13 seconds after enemy ships can begin to move away), Durkas set off final wave of smartbombs killing all heavy tanked battleships and most command ships and heavy dictors. Remaining heavily damaged commandships or heavy dictors are finished off with heavy drones from Durkas.

Scenario 2: Static Sniping Hostile Fleet

  • Find the target: Hostile snipe fleet is blobbed up attacking a POS or sov structure. Cov ops scouts cyno ship (HG Rapier) into system and give cyno ship a drop on the enemy sniping blob.
  • Spring the trap: Cyno ship lands at 0 in the middle of the blob and pops the cyno.
  • 6-8 seconds elapsed: A HG HIC also bridges in and immediately pops his bubble to prevent ships from warping out. At the same time, Durkas bridge in on top of the sniping blob and immediately set off smartbombs. All sniping Battleships die in 1-2 volleys.
  • 14-16 seconds elapsed: Any remaining that were slightly out of range of some durkas are killed with the 2nd smartbomb cycle or killed with heavy drones from Durkas.



Durka Commander

Durka Pilot

Required Skills

  • Energy Pulse Weapons IV (reduces smartbomb rof to 8 seconds)
  • Thermodynamics I (for overheating hardeners)
  • Gallente BS II (for Mega)
  • Amarr BS I (for Geddon)
  • Minmatar BS I (for Typhoon)
  • Caldari BS III (for Rokh)