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Who Can Edit This Wiki?

This wiki is open for anyone to edit upon request.

To request edit rights on our Wiki:

  • If you are an Agony member, please post a request in the proper Task thread and we will get you sorted out quickly.
  • If you are NOT an Agony member, please send a message to Silas on our forums and he will sort you out.

Once edit rights have been granted to you, please be a responsible editor. Agony maintains overall ownership of this Wiki, and we will block editors who repeatedly make changes irresponsibly.

Article Titles

When creating a new article, try to keep article titles as simple as possible:

  • For information about a particular ship class, module type etc please just use the name of the ship class/module type. For example, an article about Interdictors would just be called 'Interdictors'.
  • For ways to fly a particular ship type or ways to use a particular module class, add the word 'Tactics', for example an article about how to fly an interdictor would be called 'Interdictor Tactics'.

Linking Articles

Articles that are not linked from anywhere tend to fall into obscurity as people will only ever find it through a site search. As a result we encourage you to, at the very least, make sure that any new article is linked from one of the following pages:

See the pages themselves for a description of the kind of articles each should contain.

Help Articles