Fleet Command Certification

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General Info

Certification Content

  1. Organization
    1. With particular attention to coordination and communications, explain how you would organize and lead the following:
      1. 15 Spider BS ships with 1 scout and 2 skirmishers
      2. Dual Guardian (or Basilisk) Fleet with 10 BS and a small support wing
      3. A major AGONY POS attack with 6 Capitals, 20 BS, 4 Guardians, 2 HICs, 10 HACs, 10 EWAR ships and a large support wing of ceptors, dictors, covops, and Recons
    2. Explain the importance of setting and communicating the mission objective to members of your fleet
    3. What are the pros and cons of centralized and distributed leadership by the FC of a major operation?
  2. Reconnaissance
    1. Explain how far out ahead and or behind your fleet the following Reconnaissance resources should be Covert Ops, Skirmishers, and Scouts.
    2. Explain the methods used in taking the information give in recon reports and correlating the information into a tactical picture for your area of operations.
    3. Given 3 reconnaissance situations from your evaluator for a plan of action and orders for each one.
  3. Tactics
    1. Describe the sequence of events and your thought process for conducting a POS attack or major Fleet battle.
      1. What are the major tactical considerations when employing Capital ships?
      2. What are the strengths and weakeness of DG, DB and Spider gangs? How can you mitigate these weakness and take advantage of the strengths in preparing and employing these types of Fleets?
    2. Target Prioritization
      1. Explain the importance of correctly prioritizing targets.
      2. Explain the relative threat levels of the following kinds of ships: Frigates, Interceptors, Interdictors, Recon ships, EAF's, Cruisers, HAC's, HIC's, Battle cruisers, and Battleships.
      3. Given 2 ships of the same threat level explain how you would prioritize them for targeting.
      4. Given a few situations by your evaluator explain how you would prioritize the targets.
    3. Explain the importance of continually re-evaluating the situation when in combat.
      1. Explain a couple circumstances where changes in the situation would cause a change in your actions.
    4. Explain the importance of seeing a combat situation from the perspective of your enemy.
      1. Give examples of a couple of situations where getting in the head of your enemy can change your actions.
  1. Practical Operation
    1. Organize, plan, and execute at least 2 large mixed Fleets with different mission objectives.
    2. Submit an After Action Report on each Gang and discuss it with your evaluator.