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(General Info)
(General Info)
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* Evaluator Required Certifications:  
* Evaluator Required Certifications:  
** [[Certification Evaluator Certification|Certification Evaluator]]
** [[Certification Evaluator Certification|Certification Evaluator]]
** [[Fleet Logistic Ship Operations Certification|Fleet Logistic Ship Operations]]
* Evaluator Rank Requirements:
* Evaluator Rank Requirements:
** Lieutenant Commander
** Lieutenant Commander

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General Info

  • Evaluator Fee: 10M ISK
  • Agony Empire Fee: 5M ISK
  • Free for AGONY Rank: Lieutenant+
  • Evaluator Required Certifications:
  • Evaluator Rank Requirements:
    • Lieutenant Commander
  • Approximate testing time: 40m

Certification Content

  1. Explain the mechanics of how a dual logistic ship (basilisk or guardian) strategy works.
  2. Explain why this strategy doesn't work with either the Scimitar, Onieros, or T1 logistic ships.
  3. List the three most important skills for a dual logistic pilot and explain their significance.
  4. Explain the principals behind fitting out a logistic ship for a dual logistic team.
  5. Explain and justify the setup that you use on your Guardian or Basilisk?
  6. Explain several limitations of a dual logistic strategy.
  7. In order to further take advantage of dual logistics, how should other combat ships in your fleet modify their fitting if possible?
  8. Describe the process of "link-up" step by step.
  9. Explain what type of ships you should immediately target after the link-up.
  10. Explain which ship types you should usually never target and why. (T1 frigs and destroyers)
  11. Assuming two logistic pilots, explain what each pilot should do if one of them gets jammed.
  12. Describe what you should do if you're being primary'd and you can tell that your tank is breaking (i.e. the other logistic pilot cannot rep you more than the dps your taking)
  13. Describe at least two ways other than "overwhelming dps" to defeat an opposing gang running dual logistics?
  14. Running dual logistics opens up new possibilities for certain other ships, such as battleships, to use unique fittings. Describe at least one such unique ship fitting.
  15. Explain why a logistic pilot should never ever try to lead the gang.
  16. Describe the overview setting a logistic pilot should have.
  17. Explain the advantages of using a dual Basilisk team over a dual Guardian team.
  18. Explain the advantages of using a dual Guardian team over a dual Basilisk team.
  19. Explain why its not a good idea in general to mix Guardians and Basilisks.