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Agony PVP Fleets

As a corporation that strives for competence in pvp, we need to be able to rapidly form fleets to intercept neutral gangs in or near our systems. In order to rapidly form fleets, we have to know what fleets are likely to be formed or at least what types of ships are likely to be needed. If we're going to form up fast, these ships need to be fitted and ready in advance and pilots/FC's should aim to get at least some experience with each gang type.

The following is a list of Gang types Agony will currently focus on. This isn't to say other gang types won't be used, but these are the most common ones and you should make sure you have a ship or two for each of them.


Fast/Agile SHield Assault Gang, also know to the rest of EVE as NanoFAG or Winmatar.

An excellent roaming gang, it focuses on high speed and agility Minmatar/Angel ships allowing the fleet to cover large distances and engage/disengage at will. This concept also scales very well and works just as well with 3 or 4 pilots as it does with 20+.

This gang is ideal for taking on quick ganks, ratters, solo ships/small gangs moving around null sec etc but it also has the ability to kite larger gangs and pick off enemy support or hit and run. However it lacks the staying power of other gangs and going toe to toe with a conventional gang will lead to very expensive losses.

  • DPS (Vaga/Cynabal/Sleipnir/Machariel)
  • Heavy Tackle (Jaguar/Dramiel - mwd, shield extender, scram, web or AB)
  • Scimitars
  • Recons (Curse/Rapier)
  • Fleet Dictors (cloak, double bubble, shield extender)
  • Fleet Interceptor (Long Range Point)
  • Cov ops


High Speed Short Range - Shield tanked Battlecruisers with short range weapon systems like Pulse Lasers/Autocannons.

Very similar to NanoSHAG except it uses slightly tougher, slower and cheaper Battlecruiser hulls allowing it to also fight other gangs head to head. This is a very flexible gang type with arguably the best combination of tank and gank for its price tag.

  • DPS Battlecruisers (Hurricane/Drake/Harbinger)
  • Logistics (Scimitars/Basilisks)
  • Fleet Dictors (cloak, double bubble, shield extender)
  • Fleet Interceptor (Long Range Point)
  • Cov Ops
  • Fleet Booster (Claymore/Vulture/Tengu/Loki)


Armor tanked, afterburning Heavy Assault Cruisers with low signature radius.

This gang type is intended for groups of 30-40 or more and doesnt work very well with less. It is intended for fighting Long/Mid Range Battleships or Capitals using small signature radius to avoidance tank large weapons and fighters.

It is recommended to have a 1 to 3/4 Guardian to HAC ratio and therefore this gang requires alot of logistics. Many ships do work with this concept but the Amarr Zealot outperforms them all by a considerable margin, and the main bulk of the fleet should consist of Zealots. All ships should be fit with an afterburner, and the use of command ships and combat boosters to reduce signature radius is highly recommended.

This Fleet is weak against short range BS or HML Drakes, or any gang with heavy painting/webbing.

  • HAC's (pulse Zealot/Ishtar/Fleet Stabber - Zealots preferred)
  • Logistics (Guardians)
  • Fleet Booster (Claymore/Damnation/Legion/Loki)
  • T3 Tackle (Loki/Proteus)
  • Fleet Dictors (cloak, double bubble, shield extender/armour plate)
  • Fleet Interceptor (Long Range Point)
  • Cov Ops


Amarr tier 3 battleships with Guardians and T3 Tacklers.

Similar to the AHAC's this is designed for large scale engagements and has a certian critical mass that the gang needs to be before it is truly effective. It is designed to fill the hole that AHAC's cannot versus Short Range BS or Drake fleets by providing large buffer and resists at the same time being able to hit out to heavy missle range with scorch or opt for high damage at close range. Abaddons provide a combination of tank, gank, and flexible range which is simply not possible with any other BS type.

  • Abaddons (No other BS comes close)
  • Logistics (Guardians)
  • Heavy Tackle (Loki/Proteus)
  • Fleet Booster (Damnation/Legion/Loki)
  • Fleet Dictors (cloak, double bubble, shield extender)
  • Fleet Interceptor (Long Range Point)
  • Cov Ops


Stealth bombers with Bomb launchers, warp stabs and MWD.

When an enemy gang is simply too big for you to take on with one of the other gangs or you do not have the critical mass of pilots for them you will always be able to fall back on bombers to harass the enemy when they are grouped up.

Small numbers of bombers will be able to kill support and lighly tanked ships. The more bombers you can field the more damage you can hope to inflict upon the target fleet, with large groups in multiple waves able to kill battleship fleets if used correctly.

  • Bombers (squad leaders with expanded probe launcher)
  • Suicide Dictor (Cheap fit/hull interdictor with just the bare essentials)
  • Cov Ops (provides eyes on target and acts as FC)


This gang's core is based around Drakes. Designed to be low sp intensive, have large staying power and never miss. Fairly large range for a bc gang but average dps output is lower then HSSR. This type of gang focuses on medium range. HSSR is more suited to smaller gangs while drake gangs can be scaled up into large to medium sized gangs.

  • HML Drakes (alternative is Artillery fitted Hurricanes)
  • Logistics (Basilisks, Scimitar)
  • Heavy tackle (Proteus, Arazu, Lachesis, Huginn, Rapier)
  • Fleet Booster (Tengu, Vulture, Loki, Claymore)
  • Fleet Dictors (cloak, double bubble, shield extender)
  • Fleet Interceptor (Long Range Point)

Remember, you're not restricted to these gang types. These are just the ones we're using regularly at the moment.

You can find information on some other gang types on the Combat and Existing Tactics page.