How to Enroll in and Attend a PvP University Course

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How to Enroll in a PvP University Course

If you want to enroll in a PvP University course, this is how you do it. Please make sure that you follow the instructions to the letter, don't try to invent any unique manner of registration and so on. If you do, then you make 10 times more work for the instructors and that annoys us.

Please read and understand this article completely before enrolling.
Improper Enrollments will NOT be accepted.

In order to sign up to and attend a class, you will have to register on the Agony forums. This is required so you can gain access to reading materials for the course, as well as the course specific forum.

When a new class is announced, a new sticky thread will appear in the enrollment forum and will be titled with the course name, date and time (for example, PVP-BASIC – 14th FEB, 0200 EVE TIME). NB that the time will always be Eve server time (i.e. GMT)! The name of this thread will also indicate whether it is open for enrollment:

- A thread with the prefix [OPEN] means the class is open for enrollment.

- A thread with the prefix [PRE-ENROLLMENT] means that the class has been announced, but is not yet open for enrollment (usually the first post the thread will also indicate the date and time that enrollment will open).

- A thread with the prexix [CLOSED] means that the full or enrollment has been otherwise closed. New enrollments in a [CLOSED] thread (with the exception of alumni) will not be accepted.

To sign up to the class, simply post a reply in that thread in the following format:

Forum Name – Character Name (CORP TICKER)

For example:

Azual – Azual Skoll (AGONY)

Note that you must not use < > brackets or [ ] brackets because they mess up the display of the HTML in the enrolment thread.

If the course has pre-requisite courses (for example PVP-WOLFPACKS required you to have first attended PVP-BASIC) please add a link in your post to the enrollment thread for the course you took.

Paying For The Course

Once you’ve signed up in the enrolment thread, the final step is to pay for the course. To do this:

- Open the People & Places window in game.

- Under ‘Corporation’, search for ‘Agony Unleashed’

- Right click the result, and select ‘Give Money’.

- Enter the relevant amount for the course (you can find this in your enrollment thread!)

- In the ‘Reason’ field, enter the course code from your enrollment thread (e.g. BASIC – 1402090200); make sure this is the first thing entered in this field, since this message will be truncated in the log!

- Click OK!

Please note: Please transfer money from a personal account where possible. If you use a corp to corp funds transfer, you will need to advise the instructor so he knows to look for it!

Reading Materials

You will retain online access to the reading materials through the Agony Unleashed Website indefinitely, please note however that the materials are the intellectual property of Agony Unleashed and as such should not be copied, distributed or shared with anyone, without the express permission of the authors or Agony Unleashed. Agony prefers not to make the materials available in an offline format as this potentially can lead to copyright infringement.

Read all the appropriate reading material. If possible, do it at least 24 hours before the course starts so that you can get any questions answered. The course subforums are monitored by all Agony members, not just instructors, and they are all happy to help.

Before the Class

Make sure you complete any extra skills you need to join the course. You must have all skill requirements before joining.

Get your equipment together. You will need to have 2-3 ships already fitted as per the Hydra Principle and a couple each of the various EWAR mods for restructuring purposes. Small turret ammo, light missiles and rockets are cheap so bring plenty, you would hate to run out halfway through the livefire in 0.0. We will try to assist with some mods and ammo where we can, but please do not rely on us having everything that you will need available on hand. Truck on over to the course location and be there ahead of time, there is a lot to cover and latecomers always disrupt the class - it's NOT cool. Having your ships and gear there the day before is always a good idea, that way you only need to log in and you will be ready to go.

Insure your ships. We advise that you insure your ships, in PvP its only a matter of time before you lose ships and if it's insured, you will at least recoup a good portion of the ship cost.

Clones. We advise the use of Jumpclones where possible as risking implants can be a costly exercise should things go wrong. If you need any assistance getting a Jumpclone, don't hesitate to ask. Also, please ensure that your medical clone is upgraded before the course starts, as there is always a chance you might get podded and losing skillpoints unnecesarily is not pleasant. It is a good idea to move your medical clone to the course starting point, that way should you get podded you can merely jump into a new ship and be ready to rejoin the fleet, rather than having to travel potentially large distances to get back.

If you get accidentally put in a class with a war target you MUST observe a cease fire. Students firing on each other is disruptive and the instructor will blow up the agressor, pod them and blacklist them. The only time you would ever fire on another student, is if the instructor gave specific orders to do so. This could for example be where the class was infiltrated by persons wishing to interfere with the students or fleet. If another member of the class is firing on you, do not retaliate (however much you want to), simply warp away and tell the instructor.

Factional Warfare should be considered on hold during classes, and as with a normal war, a student engaging another student without instruction to do so will be kicked out of the class and forbidden from returning. Students being fired upon by other students should warp away (if possible) and tell the instructor. They should not fire back (not even electronic warfare) unless the instructor turns the entire class on the aggressing student.

The Caldari/Gallente Hate Me! Or I'm a Criminal and can't get to High-Sec!
If you can't safely get into the Class High-Sec Start System, then there are ways around this. Training Diplomacy is highly recommended if your problem is factional police chasing you. You need to get your Faction Standing above -5 to get them to stop shooting you.

Doing the theory with an alt is another common strategy. Use one of your alt character slots (or another account if you have one). Let your instructor/class admin know beforehand. The theory section in high-sec is brief, but important and practices some basic manouvring. Most of this can be done in a basic ship with minimal skills. Fitting an afterburner is probably the most vital of the skills. You can change to your main when the class enters low-sec.

Keep your main in a nearby low-sec system, with all your combat ships and your medical clone. That way if you lose your ship or pod, you can easily regroup from there. There will be some differences in your alt's skills and ship handling abilities, so you may need to adjust your orbit distances a little when you change to your main.