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Agony PVP-U is closed indefinitely. We hope you enjoyed your time with us.


PVP-INTERMEDIATE looks to expand upon the content of both PVP-BASIC and PVP-WOLFPACKS. The course assumes that the student has mastered the concepts and practical exercises, taught in both PVP-BASIC and PVP-WOLFPACKS, building upon the knowledge ascertained from those previous classes to form a more advanced understanding of gang warfare, logistics, and flying in a fleet with a specific doctrine and specific roles. When a class is announced, a gang type will be announced with it so that students may have adequate time to prepare the appropriate ships to fit the doctrine.

Intermediate covers and discusses the following:

  • Fleet Roles
  • Flying in a Doctrine
  • Logistics (Flying, Fitting, Broadcasting)
  • EWAR (Safety, Movement, Priorities)
  • Manual Piloting vs. Anchoring
  • Advanced Situational Awareness

Like PVP-WOLFPACKS, the Intermediate class takes place during the course of one day. The lecture portion of the class endeavors to run 1 to 1.5 hours in length with a 30-45 min practical section following it to practice the concepts learned through the reading material and lecture. After that, the class will move into null to begin looking for good fights with lots of explosions. The instructor(s) and fleet commander run the class and roam with the assumption that you have fully read all the required reading, so please do take the time to read them!

Because this class focuses heavily on cruiser gang doctrines and cruisers are slow, it is vitally important that you are on time and in the classroom system when the class starts with the appropriate ship type ready to undock and be flown. It is recommended that you have two DPS ships and one logistics ship if planning to fly DPS, or two logistics ships and one DPS ship if you plan on flying logistics. Be sure you set your medical clone to the classroom system, and be sure you are flying in a cheap or empty clone, as we WILL be engaging targets of opportunity and flying in hostile space.


Required Courses



  1. Racial Cruiser III (recommended IV)
  2. Hull Upgrades V
  3. Advanced Weapon Upgrades III (recommended IV)
  4. Propulsion Jamming IV
  5. Jury Rigging III
  6. Navigation V
  7. Powergrid Management V
  8. CPU Management V
  9. Capacitor Management III (recommended IV)
  10. High Speed Maneuvering IV
  11. Shield Rigging I
  12. Armor Rigging I
  13. Astronautics Rigging I
  14. Thermodynamics III (recommended IV)


  • Shield Emission Systems III+
  • Remote Armor Repair Systems III+
  • Capacitor Emission Systems III+
  • Repair Drone Operation II+

Shield Tank

  • Shield Operation IV (recommended V)
  • Shield Management IV (recommended V)
  • Tactical Manipulation IV

Armor Tank

  • Hull Upgrades V
  • Mechanics IV (recommended V)
  • Armor Compensation Skills III (recommended IV)


T2 Projectile Turrets
  • Gunnery V
  • Medium Projectile Turret V
  • Sharpshooter IV
  • Motion Prediction IV
  • Medium Artillery Specialization I (recommended III)
  • Medium Autocannon Specialization I (recommended III)
T2 Hybrid Turrets
  • Gunnery V
  • Medium Hybrid Turret V
  • Sharpshooter IV
  • Motion Prediction IV
  • Medium Railgun Specialization I (recommended III)
  • Medium Blaster Specialization I (recommended III)
T2 Laser Turrets
  • Gunnery V
  • Medium Laser Turret V
  • Sharpshooter IV
  • Motion Prediction IV
  • Medium Pulse Laser Specialization I (recommended III)
  • Medium Beam Laser Specialization I (recommended III)
Turret Support Skills
  • Surgical Strike III+
  • Trajectory Analysis III+
  • Rapid Firing III+
  • Controlled Bursts III+


T2 Rapid Light Missiles
  • Missile Launcher Operation V
  • Light Missiles V
  • Light Missile Specialization III+
T2 Heavy & Heavy Assault Missiles
  • Missile Launcher Operation V
  • Light Missiles III
  • Heavy Missiles V
  • Heavy Missile Specialization I (recommended III)
Launcher Support Skills
  • Missile Bombardment III+
  • Missile Projection III+
  • Target Navigation Prediction III+
  • Warhead Upgrades III+
  • Guided Missile Precision III+
  • Rapid Launch III+


  • Electronic Warfare IV
  • Sensor Linking IV
  • Weapon Disruption IV
  • Target Painting IV
  • Frequency Modulation III+
  • Long Distance Jamming III+


  • Drones V
  • Scout Drone Operation V
  • Appropriate racial Drone Specialization II+
  • Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing II+
  • Drone Navigation II+
  • Drone Durability II+


The instructor will assume that you have studied the articles below prior to attending class. Remember that in PVP-UNIVERSITY classes, it is your responsibility to do the learning. We can only provide the information, you have to decide to learn it.

  1. Read all articles indexed below.
  2. Buy and fit at least 3 cruisers of your choice in accordance with the guidelines below.
  3. Come on Teamspeak before the course to verify that your microphone and headset are working. You must be able to listen and speak on Teamspeak in order to participate.

Ships and Fittings

The Intermediate class takes place entirely in cruisers with specialized roles for DPS, EWAR, and Logistics making it a dangerous entity.

A Damage Control II is required, and one damp, track, and web at class location to balance the fleet's hydra capability prior to roam. Lows/mids may be replaced so long as the doctrine appropriate tank resists are 60%+ accross the board.

For complete details and recommended setups on fitting your ship for this class, please read the Recommended Setups for PVP-Intermediate article.

Required Reading

Optional Reading

General PVP-U Articles