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Agony PVP-U is closed indefinitely. We hope you enjoyed your time with us.


PVP-WOLFPACKS expands upon the content of PVP-BASIC. The course assumes that the student has mastered the PVP-BASIC content and then builds upon that content to introduce more advanced skills.

Wolfpacks covers and discusses using the following topics to gain fight advantages:

  • Strategic fleet movement
  • Timers
  • Baiting
  • Modified/simple fly-bys
  • Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!

Unlike PVP-BASIC, the PVP-WOLFPACKS class now takes place on only one day. The class will start out with about 15 minutes of lecture, followed by anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours of practical exercises and demonstrations which mostly take place in nullsec. We then move straight into a full-on roam, looking for fights and creating explosions. The instructors and fleet commander run the class and roam with the assumption that you have fully read all the required reading, so please do take the time to read them!

Because this class is now highly focused on practical exercises, it is vitally important that you have up to three ships fit and ready to fly before the class starts. You must be in the classroom system when class starts, as we will undock within 15-20 minutes. Be sure you set your medical clone to the classroom system, and be sure you are flying in a cheap or empty clone, as we WILL be engaging targets of opportunity and flying in hostile space.


Required Courses



  1. Racial frigate III
  2. Destroyers I (recommended III)
  3. Hull Upgrades IV
  4. Weapon Upgrades IV (recommended V, plus Advanced Weapons Upgrade III)
  5. Propulsion Jamming III
  6. Afterburner IV
  7. Gunnery II
  8. Jury Rigging III
  9. Mechanics III
  10. Navigation III
  11. Engineering V
  12. Electronics V
  13. Energy Management III
  14. High Speed Maneuvering III
  15. Sensor Linking I
  16. Relevant rig skills to at least I
  17. Relevant armor and/or shield tanking skills, as needed

Additional highly recommended skills:

  • Remote Armor Repair Systems 1+
  • Thermodynamics I (recommended at least III, Science IV pre-req)
  • Electronic Warfare III

For T2 Projectiles:

  • Small Projectile Turret IV
  • Small Artillery Specialization I

For T2 Missiles:

  • Missile Launcher Operation V
  • Light Missile Specialization I
  • Light Missiles V
  • Missile Bombardment III+
  • Missile Projection III+

For T2 Railguns:

  • Small Hybrid Turret IV
  • Small Railgun Specialization I

For T2 Lasers:

  • Small Energy Turret V
  • Small Beam Laser Specialization I

For Drones:

  • Drones V
  • Scout Drone Operation V
  • Appropriate racial Drone Specialization I
  • Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing II
  • Drone Navigation II

For Neuts (Dragoon, not recommended for this class):

  • Energy Emission Systems I

For Rockets (Corax, less recommended for this class):

  • Rockets V
  • Rocket Specialization I
  • Missile Bombardment III+
  • Missile Projection III+


The instructor will assume that you have studied the articles below prior to attending class. Remember that in PVP-UNIVERSITY classes, it is your responsibility to do the learning. We can only provide the information, you have to decide to learn it.

  1. Read all articles indexed below.
  2. Buy and fit at least 3 destroyers of your choice in accordance with the guidelines below.
  3. Come on Teamspeak before the course to verify that your microphone and headset are working. You must be able to listen and speak on Teamspeak in order to participate.

Ships and Fittings

The Wolfpacks class takes place entirely in Destroyers, making the Wolfpacks gang excellent for quick hit and run attacks.

A damage control is recommended, and other low/mid slots should be used for damage and electronic warfare respectively. As with PVP-BASIC, you should bring alternative ewar mods as we will balance the fleet before heading out. Fit a microwarpdrive also.

For complete details and recommended setups on fitting your ship for this class, please read the Recommended Setups for PVP-Wolfpacks article.

Required Reading

Optional Reading

General PVP-University Articles