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PVP-WOLFPACKS expands upon the content of PVP-BASIC. The course assumes that the student has mastered the PVP-BASIC content and then builds upon that content to introduce more advanced fitting and piloting skills. The target ship for the class will be the destroyer class ships. After completing this course you will be able to fly both a frigate and destroyer very well in PvP and be extremely effective with a few of your friends.

The destroyer is one of the single most underrated ships in the game of Eve. Many people fly a destroyer the wrong way and immediately come to the conclusion that they are not worth the trouble to fly. The reality is that the destroyer can be an extremely powerful and fearsome foe. A well run destroyer flown by a skilled pilot can kill a tech 2 interceptor one on one. A well run destroyer is extremely effective at gate camping and locking down space, able to get the signal resolution over 1800 with the proper fitting. In a destroyer pack, a fleet of 15 destroyers would strike fear into the heart of any battleship pilot with the brains to back up his firepower.

In this class you will learn the ins and outs of destroyers. You will learn how to fit them to be effective in a 1 vs. 1 situation as well as how to set up a destroyer for gate camping and wolf packing. You will learn how to maximize the strengths of destroyers, namely their firepower, and reduce the impact of their weaknesses of speed and fragility.

In addition to working with destroyers, you will also learn how to use warp disruption bubbles and advanced navigation and tactics that employ the use of bookmarks.


The instructor will assume that you have studied the articles relevant to the class prior to attending class. You can find those relevant articles listed below in the index for your convenience. Please pay special attention to the naming conventions for bookmarks as these seem to trip up a lot of students. There is nothing wrong with having the bookmarks article open during class and referring to it when needed. If you merely skim or read the articles and do not study them in advance you could end up lost very fast. Remember that in PvP University classes, it is your responsibility to do the learning. We can only provide the information, you have to decide to learn it.

Required Courses



  1. Caldari, Gallente or Minmatar Frigate 3+ (Amarr is possible, but not recommended)
  2. Destroyers 1+
  3. Afterburner 3+
  4. Propulsion Jamming 3+
  5. Sensor Linking 3+
  6. Weapon Disruption 3+
  7. Electronic Warfare 3+
  8. Small Hybrid Turret or Small Projectile Turret 3+
  9. Weapon Upgrades 3+
  10. Long Range Targeting 3+
  11. Navigation 3+
  12. Warp Drive Operation 3+
  13. Engineering 4+
  14. Electronics 4+
  15. Remote Armor Repair Systems 1+ (recommended)


It will be assumed by the instructor that all of the following preparation has been done prior to the start of the course. The instructor will assume you have read all articles and wont rehash them completely. Furthermore, the instructor will not make the entire class wait if you are not present or don't have your headset working.

  1. Study the Agony Empire Rules of Engagement
  2. Read all articles indexed below.
  3. Buy and fit at least 2 ships with both snipe and close range ammo and move them to the course meeting location.
  4. Come on Ventrilo before the course to verify that your microphone and headset are working. You must be able to listen and speak on Ventrilo in order to participate.

Required Reading

Useful Reference Matrial

General PVP-University Articles