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* [[The Destroyer in PvP]]
* [[The Destroyer in PvP]]
* [[An Introduction to Bookmarks in Eve]]
* [[An Introduction to Bookmarks in Eve]]
* [[Close vs. Far Away, Advanced Light Ship Fitting]]
* [[Destroyer_Fleet_Types|Close vs. Far Away, Advanced Light Ship Fitting]]
* [[Wolfpack Tactics]]
* [[Wolfpack Tactics]]
* [[Recommended Setups for PVP-Wolfpacks]]
* [[Recommended Setups for PVP-Wolfpacks]]

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Instructor Material - General

Student Reading Material - Course Specific

The following articles are linked as reading materials for each class. There are a few articles listed here that are NOT linked as part of required reading material - these are denoted as such. Students are not expected to read these articles that are not linked as part of reading material for them. Getting to them requires some independent navigation through the Wiki.

PVP-BASIC reading material:

PVP-WOLFPACKS reading material (under revision):

PVP-ADVANCED reading material:

PVP-COVOPS reading material:

PVP-FLYBYS reading material:

PVP-BOMBERS reading material:


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