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Original text by [Kaiman]
Updated with TS3 info by [Kaiman]


Everybody knows the situation. A seminar is announced that you just want to attend so desperately, but something comes in between: RL issues, crappy internet connection,your computer says "bye-bye", you name it.

So that's why I try to record every seminar I attend and I know some of you do the same but IMO it should become a habit for every seminar to have someone volunteering/voluntell someone to record it so it can land here and be saved for future generations of Agony pilots.

But maybe not everyone knows what to do to record it and/or how to get it processed so it makes it's way onto here. That leads us directly to the...

How to record a seminar

So here's how it's done:


!!! Caution: For our Vent you have to use BLUE WING, cause that's the only channel where recording is enabled! Additionally the instructor must make sure he allows his conversation to be recorded (right-click -> Change State -> Allow others to record my conversation), otherwise you will hear everyone but him !!!

  1. Right-click into the main window where you see the channels displayed. Then go View --> Recording/Playback (Img 1)
  2. The Record/Playback- menue opens and you press record (Img 2)
  3. The window shows you the filename (date/time-coded) and that the recording is in progress. Once you press Stop it automatically saves the file into the default destination folder if you haven't set another target folder in the options menue. Note that it is saved as an .vrf-file which is Ventrilo's own fileformat. If you wish to export the .vrf-file into a .wav-file you simply press Export and choose the destination folder.(Img 3)
  4. If you want to rename the file just open it up again and save it under the new name.(Img 4)


!!!In TS3 there's no way to prevent someone from recording like in Ventrilo, however if someone starts to record the username will turn red and a comment [Recording] will be added!!! ***[AGONY] Kaiman***[Recording]

  1. In the menu bar, go to Tools --> Press "Start recording" or simply press Ctrl+Shift+R
  2. A window pops up where you type in the filename and choose a place where to save the file
  3. Press "Save" and the recording starts
  4. To stop the recording go to Tools --> Press "Stop Recording" or press Ctrl+Shift+T

Note that TS3 puts out a .wav-file per default!

How to process the recording


Basically you have two options now:

  1. You export the .vrf-file into a .wav-file. Then you use your editing software of choice to edit it for continuity and clarity, cut out the pauses and compress it to a .mp3-file. Then you upload the file via your favourite filehosting service, edit this wiki article to implement the link and make a friendly reminderpost in the forum.
  2. (Recommended) You load the .vrf-file up using your favourite filehosting service, send [Vito Tanzini] a forum PM with the link where we can download the .vrf-file. Then you just lean back in comfort while Vito takes care of the rest (ain't life just great) ;)


As TS3 already puts out .wav-files per default you can go on with the editing straight away.

Alternatively you can ,of course, still contact [Vito Tanzini] and he edits the stuff for you :)

Filehosting Service

Personally I use

With a registered free account it allows me to store unlimited files up to 100MB per file for unlimited time as long as I log into my account at least once every 60 days or one of my files gets downloaded at least once every 30 days.

Unlikely other filehosting services my files won't be displayed anywhere and are not searchable, which I consider a big plus in terms of security.

However if one of you guys know any better hosting solutions please let us know.

Currently available seminar recordings

  1. King's covop seminar Uploaded in May 2009
  2. King's ECM seminar Uploaded again in June 2011, originally from May 2009
  3. Granger's interdictor seminar V1.0 Uploaded again in June 2011, originally from May 2009
  4. Darkwind's apocrypha probing seminar Uploaded in May 2009
  5. Spin's basic FC seminar Uploaded again in June 2011, originally from May 2009
  6. Ash's interceptor-combat seminar Uploaded in June 2009 (Pre-warpscrambler-patch but still full of valuable info)
  7. Granger's interdictor seminar V2.0 Uploaded in July 2009
  8. Jaepee Dee's Covop Seminar Uploaded in August 2009
  9. Spin's and Tea's Eyes of the Killer Seminar on scouting and skirmishing; Uploaded May 2010
  10. Spin's and Tea's Public Access BASIC FLEET COMMAND Seminar Uploaded Nov 2009

Special Feature (in memoriam good times):

Sanfrey's drunkenPVP seminar (Elite PVP Seminar)