Structure and Organization v2.0

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Structure and Organization Certification, v2.0

  1. AGONY Ranks & Structure
    1. List the ranks of AGONY in order starting from the top rank. What is the first rank in AGONY where the member is no longer on probation?
    2. What are the three squadrons in AGONY and who are their Directors?
    3. How long after joining AGONY does a new member have to make Core?
    4. What are some things you should do to get promoted to Core?
    5. How would you handle the following issues:
      1. You feel you're not getting the level of mentor-ship you'd like to have.
      2. You're having trouble figuring out your place in AGONY.
  2. AGONY Philosophy
    1. Having read About Agony Empire article, describe the idea of the kind of players we want. Describe a "proactive" member in your own words.
    2. If you are a knowledgeable and experienced player, how can you apply your skills/knowledge within Agony?
    3. Why is AGONY not a democracy? Does this mean that your input isn't valued?
    4. If a person is less experienced at PVP and new to AGONY, what are your responsibilities as an AGONY member?
  3. General Rules
    1. What is AGONY's policy on smacktalk whether in-game, on the forums, or elsewhere?
    2. What is the difference between smacktalk and Psy-ops talk?
    3. What is AGONY's policy about using Teamspeak?
    4. If you need to go AFG for a period of time, what should you do? What is corp policy on inactives?
    5. What is the policy about giving someone your word?
    6. What is guideline #12 and how does that affect you?
    7. AGONY ROE
      1. Who may we shoot in 0.0?
      2. Who may we shoot in low sec?
      3. Who may we shoot in high sec?
  4. PVP University
    1. If you wish to get involved with PVP University, how can you do this?
    2. When replying to a question that a prospective PVPU student has asked on forums or in PVPU chat channel, how should you reply and ##what things should you consider?
  5. Agony Logistics
    1. Where do I find the most current information on how to get things moved to our current base of operations?
    2. What is our current base? What is our current high sec logistics start point?