The basics of Tackling

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Successfully tackling an opponent prevents them from escaping combat and is vitally important to almost every PVP engagement. This guide covers the basic mechanics of tackling, the modules and methods used to tackle and to escape from being tackled, and how to use tackle when flying a damage dealing role within a gang.

The 2 basic modules used for preventing opponents warping away

  • Warp Disruptor - Point
  • Warp Scrambler - Scram

Warp disruptors (Point) The warp disruptor does what its name says: it makes the opponent's ship unable to warp away. Once you get a lock on the opponent you can activate the warp disruptor and it will disrupt the warp core of the opponent's ship. It is the longest range tackle module and on an unbonused ship the meta varieties have a range of 20km, the tech 2 has a range of 24km and expensive faction modules have a range of up to 30km. In gang setups utilising warfare links, ships that have bonuses to warp disruption range, like fleet interceptors, force and combat recons, and tech 3 cruisers with the appropriate subsytems, can have extremely long ranges with 60-70km ranges not being unusual. The warp disruptor disables the warp core of the opponent by 1 point of warp core strength (more on warp core strength later) which is why the module is commonly referred to as a point. It has no other effect on the target. Warp disruptors have relatively high fitting requirements and cap usage for a mid slot module. If you have a warp disruptor applied to a target we say the target is pointed or we have point on ship X/pilot Y.

Using a warp disruptor

There are two common scenarios for using a warp disruptor; tackling a ship that has just jumped into your system while you are waiting on a gate and chasing a target down in free space. Below is a very basic guide on what to do in both scenarios:

Warp disruptor on a gate:

  • Get to as close to the center of the gate as is possible.
  • Activate your warp disruptor and if you have the thermodynamics skill trained, overheat, which will increase the range of your warp disruptor. The module will not cycle until you lock a target so it will not build up any heat damage.
  • If you are waiting for a target to break gate cloak and you know there is no risk of an inadvertent target that you would not wish to lock coming through the gate you can lock the overview by holding the Ctrl button down and spam left click just below the bottom item on your overview. When he breaks gate cloak he will appear in the blank space where you are clicking and you will target him and then the warp disruptor will activate. This is the fastest method.
  • If there is a risk that a ship may come through that you do not wish to target and point then wait until it appears on the overview then double click it.
  • Depending on how the target reacts you may need to fly after the target or settle into the safest orbit around it, be ready.
  • Call tackle in voice comms.

Warp disruptor while chasing down a target:

  • Decide on how you will approach the target. Against missile ships it is best to burn towards the target as quickly as possible, against sniper drone or turret ships then you should spiral in and not fly directly towards your target to mitigate incoming damage.
  • If you have Thermodynamics trained then you can overheat your MWD to gain extra speed and your warp disruptor to gain extra range, this is best done in the most dangerous part of the approach which is normally between 60-30km. Be very careful as it is very easy to burn out your mwd. I would suggest practicing overheating repeatedly before trying it out in a combat situation.
  • Once you have warp disrupted the target call tackle in voice comms.
  • Settle into a safe orbit around the target

Warp Scrambler (Scram) The warp scrambler, or scram as it is commonly called, works on the same principle as the warp disruptor and disrupts the warp core of the opponents ship but it also disables an opponents Micro warp drive (MWD), micro jump drive and micro jump field generator (more on these modules later). As most PVP fit ships in null sec use an MWD for the high speed it provides disabling this slows them down significantly and stops them from flying away from you. A warp scrambler will disable the warp core of the opponent by 2 points of warp core strength (faction warp scramblers disable 3 points of warp core). The warp scrambler is a very potent module but the range on a warp scrambler is very short ranging between 7.5km and 9km for meta versions, 9km for tech 2 versions and 10km for faction. As with warp disruptors there are ships that get bonuses to warp scrambler range and in the case of the Maulus Navy issue, Warp scrambler strength too.

Using a warp scrambler

Warp scramblers have a much shorter range than warp disruptors