What Ships Should I Have?

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Organised Gangs

In order to know what fleets you will most often be flying in please refer to the Gang Types Article.

You should aim to have 2 ships for each gang and remember ships like Interdictors and Interceptors are useful in alot of Fleets allowing players with less sp or isk to still take part.

There are alot of other gang types availible and may be run from time to time but fitting a ship for all of them is not practicle or advised. They will often be posted well in advance allowing you plenty of timne to prepare for them. Examples are things like HSLR, POS takedowns etc.

=Pick up Gangs

Pickup gangs are the primary source of day to day pvp in Agony and there is no real guide to what you should bring everyone will have preferences. Some like to fly ECM ships like a Blackbird, others like a Battleship and myself i love to fly Interceptors or assault frigates so always keep a couple with me wherever we go.

We recommend you have a few ships you like to fly or want to learn to fly.


Many of us love to solo and it is a great way to better yourself at pvp for advise on solo play see Things YOU can do solo.

Again there is no guide to what ships you should solo with some like the Taranis and others like less obvious ships like a Helios for example.

Solo is very high risk and you will lose ships so we recommend you have a few solo ships or atleast some replacements.

Common Sense

We suggest using some common sense when stcking you hangars with ships remember for each ship you fit you use time you could be spending doing pvp. You use isk that could be spent on implants/drugs/hardwiring/modules to improve the ships you do fly or be saved so you have to spend less time doing PVE. Also remember each ship has to be moved and carrier jumped requring multiple peoples time, effort and costing the corp isk aswell.

When buying ships think about them first and ask some simple questions will i use the ship? is there something better? am i just buying it for the sake of it?

In an ideal world you would only need one of a certain kind of ship and just replace it when it gets lost. If it is a ship you use and lose often having a replacemnt or two is fine but you dont not need 3-5 of every ship you can fly like we have seen some people do.

Example list

I will list the ships i recently gathered and moved to our new staging area.

Organised fleets: 1 Abaddon 1 Guardian 1 Zealot 1 Vagabond 1 Hurricane 1 Hound 2 Heretic (interdictors) 3 Malediction (interceptors)

Pick up gangs: 1 Armageddon 1 Rupture 1 Jaguar

Solo: 2 Sabres