What Ships Should I Train for?

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This guide is aimed for a player starting from scratch but may still be helpful to players looking to cross train. The suggestions are based on providing the best variety of ships that will get used in Agony gangs.

I would also like to point out that flying only one race or ship type is only going to limit yourself and hurt your overall EVE pvp experience so we highly recommend diversity.

The skills i list are not a requirement and are simply a recommendation to help you become as versatile as possible and make sure you can take part in all our gangs.

Frigate 5

For many frigate five is the starting block for your expansion into the world of tech two ships and for this we recommend Minmatar frigate level 5 and Small Projectile Turret level 5 for tech two guns.

Minmatar frigate 5

Gives access to:

Hound - fast, agile, easy to fit and a good damage bonus making it an all round great bomber.

Jaguar - A strong heavy/chaser tackler and can be easily armor or shield tanked.

Wolf - A great DPS boat and good addition to any light gang.

Stiletto - With speed and agility being the most important factor for an interceptor this is as fast and agile as it gets also has a 4th mid for extra ewar.

Claw - A good solo interceptor.

Cheetah - High agility for escaping camps and good cloaked speed for lining up drops.

So as you can see Minmatar pretty much covers all bases compared to other races frigs which lack in one or more areas.

Cruiser 5

We recommend two cruiser skills to five, which one you do first is up to you and you may even want to train something else after finishing one and come back to do the second another time.

Minmatar Cruiser

Minmatar Cruiser 5 and Medium Projectile 5 are a logical progression from Frigate five and allow access to some very good hulls:

Vagabond - Combines the trademark speed and agility expected of Minmatar ships with high dps from outside web and scram range making it the perfect for taking on a large variety of targets.

Rapier - One of the best recons and has a broad range of uses.

Scimitar - The better of the two shield logistics cruisers even tho it requires Logistics skill to level 5 to truely shine.

Muninn - Makes a good sniper and is a decent addtion to any HSLR gang.

Another reaon for training Minmatar is the Hurricane which is an all round good battlecruiser, it can armor or shield tank, works well solo or in gangs and ofc requires less training/isk to fly.

Amarr Cruiser

Amarr Cruiser 5 and Medium Energy 5 will require more training than the Minmatar option but offers a similar amount of widely used ships.

Zealot - With the ships range bonus combined with long range ammo this ship is able to reach crazy optimal range and also offers very good damage makeing this a deadly boat. It can armor tank for AHAC gangs or shield tank for HSLR and is the best HAC for both.

Guardian - The best of the two armor tanking logistics cruisers and with cap transfers from another guardian can be very effective with only Logistics skill to level 4.

Curse - Another very versatile ship that can armor or shield tank. Works well for a whole number of uses like Nano gangs, long range ewar platform or for cap draining captial ships.


Amarr have by far the 3 best Battleships making them a good choice for anyone looking to train for large ships and also Amarr cruiser and medium energy turrets are a pre requisite for them.

Armageddon - With a massive 8 lows, large drone bay and pulse lasers good optimal this ship is the highest dps BS of its type, the Megathron may do more in EFT but in real 0.0 warfare the Geddon is king.

Apocalypse - By using pulse lasers combined with its optimal range bonus the Apoc can hit silly ranges with short range battlseship weapons or it can fit beams for sniping and can do huge damahe out to max targeting range. The Apoc also makes a good PVE ship for ratting, plexing or mission running.

Abaddon - When you need to be able to tank large amounts of incoming damage and at the same time be able to put out decent dps the Abaddon fills the role better than every other BS.

Future Training

Once you have worked through the skills i listed above you should have a good idea of which ships you would like to go for next. you may choose to specialise into command ships/ tech 3 or you may decide to cross train into the other races.