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Agony's internal organization is intentionally kept flat - everyone in Agony is expected to contribute and participate. While higher ranks do have decision making responsibilities, all members are expected to give input on corporate policy and actions.

Filling a Role

There's lots to do in Agony on top of being a great pilot. Because of our decentralized and flat structure any member (core or trial) can take it upon themselves to form gangs and schedule ops. Core pilots can take on additional administrative/management/oversight roles in areas such as logistics, pvp-u, flight leaders, etc. Roles are not static in Agony, as the player base changes and peoples lives change, roles change. It is not uncommon for someone to fill a role, mentor their replacement and step aside. These roles require a level of trust, the Directors trust you to be able to carry the burden's of being in charge. Trust you to lead. Trust you to wield influence over our most valuable resource...our members (not to mention their assets for those in logistics).


Agony's rank structure is simple and to the point:

  • CEO The buck stops here.
  • DIRECTOR A minimum of three active directors, one per squadron.
  • CORE Full fledged Agony member.
  • TRIAL New recruits.

Tasks and Roles in Agony

Individuals may take on various responsibilities to help the corp run smoothly:

  • Awards Committee Chair - The Awards Committee will award in-game medals to those that have shown outstanding achievements or contributions.
  • Flight Leader
  • Hanger Manager
  • Killboard Admin - Perform administrative tasks related to Agony's killboard, create campaigns, delete killmails, edit prices, and so on.
  • Mentor Coordinator
  • POS Manager
  • Procurement Officer
  • PVP-U Admin
  • Recruiter - Claims newly submitted applications and interviews applicants. Has moderator access to the Recruitment and Accepted Trials forums.
  • Squadron XO
  • Shipping/Logistics Coordinator
  • TeamSpeak Admin
  • Wiki Master

Current Roles List

For an overview of current roles please consult the Awards Listing page.