Agony Empire Rules of Engagement

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Current ROE

  1. You must maintain a security status of -4.0 or higher.
  2. No overt griefing
  3. No ransoming
  4. No high-sec ganking
  5. While in a fleet only engage a neutral at the FC's instruction

The ROE listed above were established in September 2012, shortly after Agony entered Faction War. It was necessary to replace our previous 0.0-oriented ROE because of the mechanics of FW and lowsec.

0.0 Policies

  1. In 0.0, Agony operates NASI (Not Agony Shoot It). For the purposes of this policy, anyone flying in a class or gang operated by Agony is considered to be Agony for the duration of that gang, as is anyone currently set blue to Agony. During those periods when Agony has temporary blues, this policy is equivalent to NBSI (Not Blue Shoot It).
  2. Agony pilots have a right to respond in their own defence in any security space. This includes acting pre-emptively where it is clear that the other party is seeking to engage the Agony member.

PVP-University ROE

Participants in PVP University classes and other Agony-led gangs should adhere to the current Agony ROE, with the exception of the security status requirement.

  • Class Peace: For the duration of Agony PvP University classes, all students are required to observe a cease fire regardless of politics with other students. This means that you MAY NOT FIRE on another student in the class whatever the circumstances (unless we explicitly tell you to). If you do, you may be podded and potentially banned for life from all Agony courses. This cease fire applies as long as the student is considered to be on the class or traveling to or from the class. DO NOT FIRE ON OTHER FLEET MEMBERS UNLESS SPECIFICALLY ORDERED TO DO SO BY THE FC.
  • While we generally avoid running classes in areas which Agony has allies, pilots friendly to Agony will be shot at if they engage one of our students on a course. This rule applies REGARDLESS OF YOUR CORP STANDING OR WAR SITUATION with the Agony students. For the duration of the course we protect the students as our own.
  • Students in Agony PvP University classes may encounter, from time to time, people that are set blue by the student's corp. That student is advised to not fire on the blue target but be advised that the rest of the fleet will not hold fire. Targets of these gangs should keep in mind that our fleet is a mixed corporation fleet and the presence of a blue pilot of one of our pilots does not guarantee your safety. To avoid drama, students taking a PVPU course should advise their alliance or corp that they are doing so and that the class might very well fire on those friendly to that corp or alliance.

PVP Philosophy

  • With regard to blue standing, Agony has no interest in NAPs or any arrangement where standings are set to avoid hostilities. Agony only sets blue standing on a temporary basis when we will be working directly with the blue party, and where maintaining that standing will increase our opportunities to PVP.
  • Please note that Agony does not take PVP personally, and has no problem whatsoever with being shot at, set hostile, or otherwise engaged by you or your corporation without this having any effect on our attitude towards you or your access to Agony classes and services. We enjoy fights, and we'll actually be much more offended if you don't shoot us! Similarly if an Agony pilot engages you without provocation (which they will) this doesn't mean we don't like you, it just means we like to PVP. This is true regardless of how friendly we are with you and whether you've taken classes with us in the past. We observe the Class Peace but after that you're fair game.