Checking for killmails in the combat log

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This guide describes how to view your kills and losses in your combat log.

Why The Kill-mail ?

The term killmail originates from older versions of the Eve client. On successfully killing a ship a evemail was sent to the character that laid the final blow. Hence the origin of the killmail term, In Eve Trinity ship kill / loss notifications are presented in a different way.

Viewing Your Kills / Losses

To view your kills / losses:

  1. Open your 'Character Information sheet'
  2. On the lefthand toolbar panel of the 'Character Information sheet' select 'Combat log'
  3. Select the 'Kill' or 'loss' tab
  4. Jump for joy or shed a tear as you admire your kills / losses

NOTE: As opposed to the old Evemail notification system, there is no flashy icon to indicate that you have received a kill / loss notification

Copying Kill Information For Killboards

It is possible to copy the kill / loss information into the windows clipboard allowing this information to be pasted into killboard websites:

  1. Right click on the kill/loss notification you wish to post to your killboard website
  2. Select 'Copy Kill Information' from the popup menu
  3. Navigate to your killboard using a out of game web browser and paste the kill/loss notification onto the website