Core Requirements for Agony Trials

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Core Requirements for Agony Trials

  1. Structure_and_Organization_v2.0
  2. Unified_PVP_Cert
  3. D-Scan Test
  4. FC Fleet with AAR

Trials have 90 days to complete the requirements.

Certs are to be done as Google docs so that a link can be PM’d in the forums to your reviewer. Note, be sure to enable editing by your reviewer. He/she won’t delete things, but it lets them comment and makes the Cert more of a two way conversation.

D-Scan Test: You will have to find a Core member to do this with you. Slow dead nights are wonderful for this. Many of us will practice with you as well, making sure your overview is set up properly and giving pointers. The test is as follows: You and your reviewer progress to a system. Lower Local numbers and HS make for a better test, low sec or null gives a little flavor. You cannot be in fleet with your reviewer (i.e. no warping to fleet member). You will step out of system and your reviewer will “hide”. Any warpable position in system is valid (i.e. don’t forget anoms). You then come back in system when the reviewer states he’s ready. Once your grid finishes loading you call it out and your reviewer will start a timer. You have three minutes to land on grid with your reviewer. You must do this three times in a row. If on try three you take over 3 minutes you start back over.

FC Fleet. You are responsible for organizing and FC’ing a fleet. You will need to post it’s time in the appropriate place in the forums. Give 1-2 weeks notice so people can try to be there. The fleet comp is up to you. (On a personal note, I’d say don’t overthink this part. Just use what we’re basically flying at the time as everyone will have several of these ships set up and ready to run.) You will assign roles, have appropriate scanning done, etc, to get the fleet rolling. Don’t worry about whelping, people fret too much about this. We’re just looking to see how you think. Even a whelp is fun under the right circumstances. We like fleets, they’re fun, it’s why we play this game. You then should do an AAR talk after the fleet, then type up and post an AAR to the forums.

Be as active as you can during your Trial. Your job is to meet as many of us as you can so that when your vote comes up they remember having talked to you at some point in time. Join fleets, run with them, be active on comms during them. We encourage, but don’t require, Trials to post mini-AAR’s to the fleets in which they fly. If it’s a notable fleet and you have a fun time with good action, the FC will hopefully post an AAR. This is where you put in a reply with your “point of view AAR” explaining your activity during the fleet. These are always entertaining to read and will help people remember who you are.