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The purpose of this article is to keep developing AGONY's Fleet Support tactics. This is a starting place with everyone welcome to contribute. Hopefully, we'll be adding to it after every major operation. The AAR is only half the battle. The second half is actually carrying through with capturing solutions for future ops.

This article covers the general principles and types of support that can be provided to a large ship Fleet. At the bottom will be links to further articles and more specific tactics. It will take a while to fill in the articles so everyone is welcome to help out. If you want to fill in a missing area or correct an error, please feel free to do so. I'd recommend posting any major changes in the forum for discussion before you edit the wiki.

The article and links can contain any kind of plans, tactics or proposals to improve the support for AGONY Fleets. They are to be inclusive not exclusive. Whether we're talking about including an cyno battlecruiser right into the main Fleet or recommending an entirely separate Counter EWAR squad, there's room for every kind of support idea here.

This article started in a discussion about a Spider BS Fleet but was really kicked in the ass by the AAR from our attack on N-H.

Definative Spider BS Thread


Multiple Vent Channels


Large Fleets are at their best when they are properly supported. Whenever an AGONY Fleet's main force consists of capital or battleships, there should be an appropriate supporting force. The makeup and mission of that "Fleet Support Team" will vary between operations and FCs.


To protect and enhance the combat effectiveness of an AGONY Fleet.

I've created a list to describe the functions a Fleet Support Team could provide to a main Fleet. Some are protection designed to make sure that the combat power of the Fleet can be put on the planned target. Some types of support increase or sustain the combat power of the Fleet. Still other types both protect and enhance the Fleet. Each of the functions listed can be further divided by whether or not they should be integrated into the main Fleet or kept as a semi-autonomous team. For example, the anti-nano capabilities of a curse, rapier or pulse zealot could be integrated into a DG or they could be part of a perimiter security gate camp at first fleet The following list of support types is not all inclusive but gives readers and planners a jumping off point for their discussions.

  • Protect
    • Reconnaisance and Intelligence
    • Perimiter Security (placing scouts, camping gates, setting bubbles/traps)
    • Rear Guard Action: Extraction and retarding pursuit
    • Anti-Tackler/Dictor
    • Counter EWAR
    • Anti-Nano
    • Snipers
    • Scan Probing
    • Small Ship Combat Teams (capable of independant ops)
    • Integrated Force Protection (imbedded in Main Fleet)
    • Drone Killing
    • Extra DPS
    • Harass/Distract Opposition pilots/leadership
  • Enhance
    • Forward Stage Supplies
    • Resupply ships
    • Lay Cynos (normal, covert, hot drops)
    • Special Attacks (Durka, Void Bombing etc...)
    • Tackling/Webbing (fixing fast ships in place so large weapons can hit them)
    • Target Painting
    • Web support to get large ships into warp faster
    • Improve Fleet Bonuses with warfare links / command ship
  • Protect & Enhance
    • Bookmarking Tacs(both in advance and during attack)
    • TAMs
    • EWAR
    • Routing Support (post the cleared route in Fleet Chat so the FC doesn't need to broadcast destination)
    • Logistics Ships (best integrated into Fleet but potentially with own vent channel for repair coord)


Some types of support, such as reconnaisance, are required throughout an operation but most of them apply only during specific phases of the operation. Certainly the focus of the Fleet Support Team will change as the operation progresses through several phases. This is a list of the basic phases that a Fleet could go through during an average operation. The purpose of this list is to allow a planner to consider the above list of support options and when they would be most valuable to a large ship Fleet.

  • Basic Phases of a Large Fleet Operation
    • Phase 1: Target Assessment and Mission Selection
    • Phase 2: Planning and Preparations
    • Phase 3: Deployment and Travel
    • Phase 4: Engagement and Battle
    • Phase 5: Resupply and Reinforcement
    • Phase 6: Re-Deployment and Return to Base
    • Phase 7: Post Action Discussion, After Action Reports and updating tactics

Discussion and possible actions for each phase

(This list is far from complete but is just here to explain my thoughts)

  • Phase 1: Target Assessment and Mission Selection
    • Input from A.S.S.
    • Strategic considerations
    • Decide to attack
    • Select the mission and goal
  • Phase 2: Planning and Preparations
    • FC picks a couple of people to help plan/organize
    • Assign intelligence tasks to A.S.S.
    • Determine best fleet mix to accomplish aim
    • Forum Post
    • Monitor ships being posted and guide people to fill out the Fleet's requirements
  • Phase 3: Deployment and Travel
    • Muster Fleet
    • Form Fleet and Fleet Manager
    • Set up Fleet Comms in Ventrillo
    • Deploy scouts and alt scouts
    • Establish eyes on target (as well as Rally Point,warp in,Cyno tacs etc)
    • Deploy Skirmishers and Outriders (Outriders: New term see Combat Support Squad article)
    • Main Fleet gets underway
  • Phase 4: Engagement and Battle
    • Main Fleet arrives in destination system
    • Redeploy scouts to watch approach systems
    • Establish perimiter security (gate camp, bubble traps etc)
    • Engage Defensive Force
    • Assault primary target
    • Position Resupply ship(s)
  • Phase 5: Resupply and Reinforcement
    • Cyno (cyno up in target system and return cyno ready to go in home system)
    • Conduct Resupply runs to main Fleet
    • Capital Ships arrive carrying replacement ships, specialty ships and more supplies
    • Capital ships engage target
    • main Fleet moves to perimiter security mission
  • Phase 6: Re-Deployment and Return to Base
    • Collect loot
    • Cyno out
    • Redeploy scouts for return transit
    • Take down bubbles
    • Deploy skirmishers
    • Begin return transit
  • Phase 7: Post Action Discussion, After Action Reports and updating tactics
    • Hot washup discussion
    • FC assigns someone to start the AAR
    • Pick at least three things to improve and update our procedures on the WIKI.

Coordinating Instructions

  • Set level of secrecy and releasable information
  • Determine Comms setup
  • Determine Fleet Structure and Fleet, Wing, Squad leader
    • plan who will be in which squads