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Facts about High Speed Short Range

The concept of HSSR was created by Agony in preparation for Alliance Tournament 7, it required using battlecruiser sized ships or similar with a large buffer tank, short range weapons for max dps, MWD's and gang link modules to boost speed and tank. The original fittings can be found here: HSSR_-_Shieldtanked_with_ECM_drones & HSSR_(Armortanked).

After the tournament some Agony members decided it would be good to recreate the setup and use it for real combat. We found by adding logistic's, ECM and other support it was a very effective, fun and low cost fleet and so the HSSR BC gang was born.

HSSR stands for High Speed Short Range, The Short range is for the weapon systems employed by the gang and the High Speed is for the MWD's and Skirmish gang links used to get into close weapon range. However an armor tanked Battlecruiser is not very fast and almost everyone fits a MWD in Null sec leaving some people wondering why its called High Speed but the name has stuck and the gang is now very popular.

Fleet setup & Fittings

When starting an HSSR BC gang you must first choose if all the BC's will be armor or shield tanked, mixed tanking is not very effective especially when combined with logistics.

Shield tanked HSSR gangs are very similar to the Dual Basilisk Gang, BC's should aim for a Large Extender, Invul field, DC II and shield rigs, Providing many lows for damage mod's.

Armor tanked HSSR gangs also share many attributes with another concept the Dual Guardian Gang, BC's should aim for a 1600mm plate, 2 EANM's and a DC II leaving not much room for damage mods but plenty of room for E-war.

Many Gang links will benefit the gang but we recommened using the armor/siege links to increase resists as a priority, this will increase survivability and the repping power of logistics. Originally for skirmish links we used the boost to MWD speed as this was part of the "High Speed" but we found in practice increased range for points/scrams/webs is just as effective for helping the Battlecruisers get into short weapon range and it also helps to prevent targets powering back to gates or out of bubbles.