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Once the frigates and destroyers are mastered, the next logical step up is to the cruiser. This course is designed to build upon the navigational and tactical skills in PVP-BASIC and PVP-WOLFPACKS and having covered the PVP-Advanced HSSR/HSLR class we take this to the next level.

Having gone through the Independent thought for Ewar, we plan to take you through a squadron approach to a fleet. Still making use of the strengths of the Hydra Principle but with the added element that all the DPS comes from the cruisers that are se tup for a certain engagement range. Each Squad is designed to operate as a sole entity capable of fighting as part of the whole. Each Squad commander now starts to take his squad through its paces and acts as an independent FC.

For an advanced approach to a Fleet commander you can place the Fleet commander as a ghost into each wing and each squad is in its on wing section. Here the student will show there own dependent use of there skills which includes what you learned from PVP Advanced, independent EWAR allocation, capacitor management, target threat assessment and prioritization, cruiser fitting and firepower management.

This course is to help cement the PVP Advanced material, while at first it will seem strange to have a fleet broken up into segments and a coverage of old material we hope that you’ll see a new approach to running gangs via this and not been in a blob mentality of 70 ships but rather been in a prong fork of 7 deadly tips.


The instructor will assume that you have studied the articles relevant to the class prior to attending class. You can find those relevant articles listed below in the index for your convenience. Remember that in PvP University classes, it is your responsibility to do the learning. We can only provide the information; you have to decide to learn it. The well prepared student has read all of the articles at least once, and preferably more times, and has set aside the time to attend the class from other obligations. Furthermore, the eager to learn student will turn off the TV and other distractions and devote their attention to the class. Students must have completed PVP-BASIC and PVP-WOLFPACKS and PVP-Advanced before attending this class.


The more core skills that the pilot has, the more dangerous they will be. Although there is almost always a push for people to get in bigger ships, a better investment in training time would be in the core skills such as navigation, electronics, mechanic, engineering, gunnery, missiles, drones and so on. Therefore, the following skills represent an absolute minimum set of skills needed to take the course. The instructors of the class recommend that you focus on many skills including these.
Propulsion Jamming 4+
Caldari, Amarr, Gallente or Minmatar Cruiser 5
Sensor Linking 4+
Warp Drive Operation 4+
Weapon Disruption 4+
Electronic Warfare 4+


It will be assumed by the instructor that all of the following preparation has been done prior to the start of the course, the instructor will not make the entire class wait if you are not present or don't have your headset working. Study the Agony Empire Rules of Engagement Read all articles indexed below. Buy and fit at least 2 ships and move them to the course location. Download the Eve Fitting Tool (EFT) and install the tool. Import your character's skills and input the setup of your ships. Come on Ventrilo before the course to verify that your microphone and headset are working. Arrive BEFORE the class and set your clone location and make sure your clone is up to date.


Q. What kind of Ship do we need for the course?
A. At least three ships are required. They must be cruiser class ships and fit the role required. Picking a variety of the cruisers that you can fly might be a good idea for the normal advanced class but not for this one. Have a look at the examples for HSSL/HSSR fit the ships according the range style.

Q. Can I bring my Heavy Assault Cruiser (HAC), Heavy Interdictor Cruiser (HIC), or Recon Ship along on the course?
A. No

Q. Why do AGONY pilots fly different ships in the class?
A. AGONY pilots that are not students and not in the required class of ship may be scouts, skirmishers, recon pilots or fulfilling any number of other roles for the class. AGONY students to the class should show up in the same class of equipment as the other students.

Facts about High Speed Short Range

For those of you who have watched Alliance Tournament 7, the HSSR concept was utilized by Agony in AT7. It required using battlecruiser sized ships or similar with a large buffer tank, short range weapons for max dps, MWD's and gang link modules to boost speed and tank. After the tournament some Agony members decided it would be good to recreate the setup and use it for real combat. We found by adding logistics, ECM and other support it was a very effective, fun and low cost fleet.

HSSR stands for High Speed Short Range. The "short range" is for the weapon systems employed by the gang; "high speed" is for the MWDs and skirmish gang links used to close range on opponents fast. An armor tanked cruiser or battlecruiser is not very fast, which is why shield tanked ships are preferred for this gang with Scimitar logistics support.

Fleet setup & Fittings