Ins and outs of Class Admin

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Written by Laurentius

Edited by Admiral Phobos

1. Beginning simultaneoulsy with the instructors roll call, start with creating a fleet. Create 4 squads (not 5) per wing and as many wings as necessary to cover the class size. Then create one additional wing for the people not expected to be in the same system as the class, i.e. skirmishers, covops scouts, trailing scouts etc. Set the fleet to self move and self-invite for alliance. Then post the fleet invite in alliance chat.

2. As AGONY pilots show up in fleet move them to wing- and squadron commander positions according to their skills. Its much easier to find people with Wing Command IV than WC V (hence the 4 squadron wings). AGONY pilots without leadership level 5 is distributed in the squadrons.

3. Next create a fleet instance and post that in fleet chat. AGONY pilots in fleet fill in their details.

4. After all students have been verified and dragged in vent, change your vent comment to "PAGE FOR DRAG IN VENT" as the responsibility for dragging is transferred from instructor to class admin after the initial roll call.

5. When the instructor orders students to x up in AU-PVP-UNIVERISTY chat, start on the top of the list and invite students into squads, starting with squad 1 and working my way down. When done post requests of any students missing invites.

6. When the instructor is ready, post the fleet instance in fleet chat. As people are filling in their details, the instructor talks about the different EWAR and optimal distribution. When done, the instructor reviews the fleet composition and will order some initial rough changes (for example in PvP Basic: "we need more tracking disruptors and remote sensor dampeners, less warp disruptors and stasis webifiers, we need to loose all multispec ecm for racial jammers, get rid of the painters and get some more ship scanners"). As people are swapping out, the responsibility for further detailed changes is transferred from the instructor to class admin, using fleet chat.

7. Based on the revised picture, order specific changes for individual pilots in fleet chat, specifically:

- Finish balancing out the fleet total EWAR

- See to that ship bonuses are used when applicable (Griffin/Kitsune, Crucifier/Sentinel, Maulus/Keres)

- See to that individual pilots dont end up in both damp and track groups (fitting either damps or tracks

- See to that pilots bring both types of scripts for scripted modules

- See to that we have some experienced people with ship scanners (only for PvP Basic and PvP Wolfpacks)

8. After undocking, start working on creating EWAR groups using the in game notepad. For a PvP Basic class you typically create 4 x Tracking Disruptor groups, 4 x Remote Sensor Dampener groups and 2-3 x ship scanner groups. Normally we have 4-5 modules in each group (2 per ship scanner group). Set up each group so we have 2-3 modules with each script per group (specified to each individual pilot). This might look like this:

TD 1:

- Sanfrey (tracking speed script)

- Laurentius (tracking speed script)

- Rachir (range script)

- Hsu Li (range script)

TD 2:

- etc

- etc

9. When the instructor is ready, post EWAR groups in fleet chat, copying and pasting one group at a time from the notepad; also give specific default (standing) orders for ECM, ship scanners and target painters.

- For ECM, for example "ECM against called targets plus cycle jam as many ships as possible using your own judgement (highest threat against the fleet)"

- For painters, for example "Allways on primary target"

- For ship scanners assign the groups to primary, seconday and tertiary target

10. After the FC assumes command of the class, fly with it. Have the game client on one screen and preferrably maps + ventrilo window on a second screen. When people drop out of fleet or ventrilo reinvite/drag as appropriate.

11. Help the FC "herding cats" with actions as appropriate, maintain the fleet (moving people, concentrating the fleet as people drop out, emptying squads, replacing squad leaders when necessary etc etc)