Interceptor and Assault Frigate Support Skill List

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General Information

Interceptors and AFs are some of the first T2 ships that new players get to fly. Training for these ships takes relatively short period of time compared to other ships, and the small-ship tech II fittings require less skills than T2 mods for battleships. Both inties and afs are quite useful for solo/small gang PVP and afs do quite well in running complexes, level 2/3 missions, and belt ratting.

What to Focus On

There are two skillsets that you need to focus on with small ships: navigation and fitting. Small ships are very difficult to fit, so don't even think about skipping that Electronics V or Engineering V skill and try to get Advanced Weapon Upgrades skill as well. Speed helps these ships keep alive, as such all relevant speed skills need to be trained to level III/IV. In PVP these ships are used as tacklers, so train corresponding tackling skills to level IV or V.

Support Skill List

Engineering V
Electronics V
Energy Systems Operation IV
Energy Management IV - gives use of MAPC
Energy Grid Upgrades IV
Energy Emissions Systems III
Assault Frigate/Interceptors IV
Weapon Upgrades V
Advanced Weapon Upgrades IV

Signature Analysis V
Propulsion Jamming IV
Long Range Targeting IV

Navigation V
Evasive Maneuvering V
Acceleration Control IV
Warp Drive Operation IV
High Speed Maneuvering IV
Fuel Conservation IV

Shield tankers:
Shield Management IV
Shield Operation IV
Shield Upgrades IV
Tactical Shield Manipulation IV
4x Damage specific shield compensation skills III
Shield Compensation III
Hull Upgrades IV
Mechanic IV

Armor Tankers:
Repair Systems V
Hull Upgrades V
Mechanic V
4x Damage specific armor compensation skills IV
Shield Management IV
Shield Operation IV

Gunnery Skills (for gun users)
Controlled Bursts IV - Minmatar don't need to train this skill
Gunnery V
Motion Prediction IV
Rapid Firing IV
Sharpshooter IV
Surgical Strike IV
Trajectory Analysis IV
Race-Specific Small Turret IV
Small Turret Specialization IV

Missile Skills: (for missile users)
Rockets V and Rocket Specialization
Standard Missiles V and Standard Missile Specialization
Missile Launcher Operation V
Rapid Launch IV
Guided Missile Precision IV
Missile Projection IV
Missile Bombardment IV
Warhead Upgrades IV

Other Notes

Drones skills - don't need unless you are flying Ishkur or Taranis. If needed, train all the relevant support skills to level IV - Drones V, Scout Drone Operations V, and everything else on IV (see battleship drone skill requirements for more complete list)