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Original text by Phobos, July 2009.

Those of us in the past tournament should share what they learned so potential newer players will understand where we are coming from when we say "This isn't PvP, this is a tournament."

So for the most part try and dump most of the stuff you learned about PvP out the window because now we are fighting under a new set of rules. Things that are often not in good practice in PvP will definitely work in the tournament. Keep in mind of the rules however.

Cap stability - Cap stability is important in PvP just as it is in the tournament. However most fight in PvP last merely a few minutes and seconds at times. you need to be able to last up to 15 minutes of straight combat. This is why last year our strategy involved Apocs instead of the heavily favored Abaddons. Survivability is not always relying on tank and DPS but sheer common sense, no power, no pew pew.

EWAR - As I said last year and will say again ECM is not the best ewar. Damps will be, they are the only EWAr that really doesn't have a successful counter other than flying closer in. People fit ECCM to counter ECM people don't fit sensor boosters to counter damps, most ships only fit sensor boosters for a specific mission like sniping and locking down a target FAST.

In the last tournament ECM ships often died SO fast they only go maybe one cycle off before they were consumed by drones. They just cant jam enough and tank enough to stay alive. However, we can now use T3 ships. The Tengu and be fitted to armor tank with decent speed and have enough tank to survive considerably longer than standard ECM cruisers. Average blackbird or falcon EHP ranges from 6000-10000. The Tengu and has the same effective ECM strength of in between a falcon and black bird but has 4-5 times the amount of tank at around 50000 EHP which is similar to a battlecruiser. Additionally they wont know how the hell they are fitted so who the heck do they primary?

Logistics - Logistic ships are allowed in this tournament but realize they are only ONE, which means they wont have rep support or cap support from anything meaning they will be primaried and go down in a second and those points can be placed in another ship that's way more effective.

Marauders - Maraders despite having stupid sensor strength are studs in the tournament with large tank DPS a lot of high slots and an over-sized cargo hold for cap boosters. BUT they have there place.

Nano gangs - Last tournament we saw a lot of these and they are very effective. This tournament you cant use more than two fo the same ship types. We saw 10 man fleet stabber fleets last time but that doesn't mean they will use 2 vagas, 2 fleet stabbers, 2 amarr navy omens etc etc. The fleet setup is still workable.

Drones - Don't ever underestimate the power of drones, often times they can be 50-75% of a fleets DPS. We were very successful at eliminating enemy drones as well as using our own very effectively in eliminating our enemy.

Tech 3 ships - By the time the tournament starts T3 ships should cost in total about 300 mil a piece. People often underestimate the power of T3 ships. Keep in mind these are CRUISERS not battleships or marauders or anything like that. The greatest advantage to these ships for the tournament is you don't know how the hell they are fitted. I mean you can guess but you will have no idea. The Legion is a mean mean missile boat but people might assume its lasers and try tracks. A proteus can be drones based, turret based, damp based, warfare link based and so on and so forth and they wont be able to tell until its to late. Most likely they will delay and think oh shit who do we primary? T3 ships are not used very much and currently mostly in PvE like marauders so I would expect to see a couple but not a lot.

Remember the tournament is Rock Paper Scissors. IN the beginning fights its best to find a setup that is great in MOST situations. You cant counter everything and remember we have no idea what they are bringing or what we are bringing so for the first few we have the element of surprise. SO we need to find the BEST for MOST.