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Tactic Overview

NanoSHAG (Nano SHield gang, and yes there's no A, get over it) describes most nano roaming gangs centered around mid-range combat with shield logistics (usually scimitars). It's a similar tactic to HSLR, but relies less on range and sniping and more on quick movement and higher damage output. Generally NanoSHAG gangs will engage at medium range, outside of web range, but still within 50km or so. NanoSHAG ships also tend to be fast, usually over 2 km/s, and use their speed to both move around quickly looking for targets, and to dictate range during a fight, or to escape a fight altogether. NanoSHAG gangs tend to be roaming/skirmishing gangs and aren't very well suited to very large gangs, or to static fights like over a POS or Sov. It's also important to remember that while you're built around speed, you're not really speed tanking, you're range tanking. The speed in NanoSHAG is used to dictate range and keep out of the enemy's range, not to out-track his guns. If you're orbiting with your MWD on in something other than a Scimitar or Interceptor then you're probably doing something wrong.


The poster child of the NanoSHAG gang is the Vagabond. They have the great combination of high speed, long range with barrage, good damage output, and high shield resits. Similar ships such as Cynabals and even Machariels can also work. Hurricanes are a good option if you want something cheaper, although they're slower and more fragile than vagabonds. Tracking, damage output, and range are all important in NanoSHAG because you need the ability to kill off tacklers, kite, and take down larger ships in a reasonable time. Autocannons tend to fit the bill perfectly, and allow for more MWDing since they don't require capacitor to fire.


Scimitars tend to be preferred over basilisks due to their higher speed and independence. A lot of times NanoSHAG gangs can get spread out, so being entirely dependent on others to keep your cap up isn't a very good idea. Also, since the rest of the gang is so fast Basilisks will oven trail behind the main gang, making them easier targets. Generally as a Scimitar you want to keep the main gang between you and the hostiles, staying close enough to repair everyone as needed, but far enough away to avoid most damage.


Tackle in NanoSHAG is a lot like in HSLR. Recons are great for tackling at long range, especially if they have a strong shield tank. In addition close-range frigates like Jaguars are very useful for getting scrams and webs on pursuing targets. As always long-range interceptors work well for keeping targets from warping away. Bubblers tend to be less useful in NanoSHAG gangs due to the tendency to kite and move around a lot, causing targets to often fly out of bubbles.

FC Strategy

Kite, kite and kite some more. It's very rare that you want to engage head-on with a NanoSHAG fleet. Engaging at range gives you a chance to pick off tacklers and such before engaging their main gang, and generally gives you a higher chance of survival. The main advantage of NanoSHAG is its maneuverability, so use it. Keep moving and keep anyone from getting an easy drop on you. Generally you want to move around at under 100km or so, so that it's harder for enemies to get warp-ins on you. Keep your align points moving, and generally try to keep your tacklers in front of your DPS ships, which should be in front of your logistics.

What you need to know

As a typical pilot in a NanoSHAG gang your #1 priority is to keep safe. Prioritize picking off enemy tacklers that get close, and if you do get tackled be sure to call it out so that others in the gang can spring you free. Remember that it's better to warp out before being tackled rather than hang around a few seconds longer and get caught. Tacklers should hang around the slowest DPS ships and be ready to swoop in to grab any target that's killable by the main fleet.