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Agony Empire[AGONY] has certain rules of engagment that apply when we are running PvP operations. Understanding these rules of engagement will either keep you out of the line of fire or land you right in the middle of it at your choice. Not understanding them is likely to land you in the line of fire by pure accident.

Agony Corporate Rules: Rules of Engagement

The following rules of engagement are observed by AGONY members in operations as well as in PvP University classes. Please note that the rules apply to all offensive actions including, but not limited to, combat, espionage and spying. Please note that AGONY does not permit corp theft actions, defined as stealing using an insider in an opponent's corp, at any time and for any reason.

In general, AGONY follows a policy known as NASI (Not AGONY Shoot It) in 0.0. For purposes of our policy, you are considered to be 'not AGONY' if you are not either in AGONY Unleashed or in a gang ran by AGONY unleashed or its instructors. In lowsec the rules of engagement are a bit more complicated. The following rules lay out the engagment policies in more detail:

  1. Pilots below -5.0 sec status may be engaged at will.
  2. Pilots that are war targets may be engaged at will regardless of security status.
  3. Agony members may not engage in general lowsec piracy such as killing haulers, players ratting and so on except in circumstances illustrated by the following rules.
    1. Any pilots with a negative security status and bounty is a legit target in lowsec or 0.0.
    2. Any pilot on which an AGONY member has kill rights.
    3. Any pilot who has previously ganked an AGONY member in missions or mining.
    4. Any pilot deemed to be macromining or otherwise cheating. We care about this game so we will blow you up AND report you.
    5. Any pilot in a corp with a history of willingness to attack AGONY pilots in lowsec.
    6. Any pilot in a corp known to be highsec suicide griefers.
    7. Any pilot in a corp known to participate in random lowsec piracy.
    8. Any pilot that locks an AGONY pilot for hostile OR UNKNOWN reasons. If you intend to shield boost an AGONY pilot, ask them first.
    9. Any pilot currently flagged as a criminal.
    10. Any pilot deemed to be an enemy of AGONY with standings set to to -5.0 or below.
  4. Any pilot in any 0.0 region except those with positive standings to AGONY are free to be engaged at will. Note that the only way to get standings with AGONY is to pay a fee of 500 million isk per week per corp. Willful violations of paid standings, including offensive actions or providing intel for corps without standings, will result in the offending corp or alliance being blacklisted for future standings. Standings may only be arranged with a director of AGONY and all isk transfers must be corp to corp transfers.
  5. Any pilot in 0.0 that is friendly to AGONY will be shot at if they engage one of our students on a course. We advise all friendly pilots to avoid firing on gangs of mixed AGONY and other corps. This rule applies REGARDLESS OF YOUR CORP STANDING OR WAR SITUATION with the AGONY students. For the duration of the course we protect the students as one of our own.
  6. Class Peace: For the duration of AGONY PvP University classes, all students are required to observe a cease fire regardless of politics with other students. This means that you MAY NOT FIRE on another student in a course whatever the circumstances. If you do, you will be podded and banned for life from all AGONY courses. For the duration of the class all students are treated as if they were in AGONY. This cease fire applies reasonably as long as the student is considered to be in the class or traveling to and from the class.
  7. Students in AGONY PvP University classes may encounter, from time to time, people that are set blue by the student's corp. That student is advised to not fire on the blue target but is also advised that the rest of the gang will not hold fire. Targets of these gangs should keep in mind that they are mixed corporations and you should avoid these fleets whenever possible as the presence of a blue pilot does not guarantee your safety.
  8. Students taking the course should advise their alliances and corps that they are doing so and that the wolfpack in the course might very well fire on those friendly to that corp or alliance within the operational region. Individual students may choose to hold fire on a target but the rest of the gang would very likely kill the target. Only the AGONY gang leader during the course determines targets. We strongly advise those not interested in PvP to avoid the class and AGONY in general.

Note that it is generally hard to get a standing below -5.0 with AGONY as we will generally have everyone set neutral or just as a competitor so we can note the corp in local. Standings changes below -5.0 are entirely at the discretion of a director of AGONY. Excessive smack talk outside the nature of the game including violations of the EULA will get the offending corp set below -5.0. In addition, continually attacking agony members in lowsec, firing on AGONY members when under a flag of truce (set blue) and acting dishonorably or unethically could result in being set as an enemy with standings below -5.0. Changing standings with AGONY to get back above -5.0 requires the offending corp to pay 1 billion isk or an alliance to pay 1 billion isk per corp in the alliance. If you have standing below -5.0 with AGONY, a state of undeclared war exists where AGONY pilots are free to engage you in local so long as they are willing to take the security status hit.

At AGONY unleashed we do not care about politics, friends, alliances or so on. We are a pure PvP organization and our cease fire can be bought for a fee but we are not willing to enter into any other alliances, NAPs and so on except in rare circumstances when it is to our benefit somehow. (Please note that not shooting us is not considered to be a benefit).

That being said, AGONY does not have enemies, just opponents and clients. If you see an AGONY member in local, don't assume they will not attack you just because you took a course from us once. We observe the Class Peace but after that you are fair game.