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In order to kill a target or fleet you need to learn how to capture one. Scouting for a target and tackling one is not very skill intensive as far as SP but does require a fair amount of skill from the player. At time the skirmisher of a fleet may need to fly manually whether to maintain a point in an asteroid field or avoid enemy interceptors and enemy fire. Skirmishers are usually in paper thin ships and it requires a lot of patience and attention in order not to get killed. They act as the spearhead of the fleet. Even a three year old player can not use all 30 million of his skillpoints when in an interceptor; against a pilot that is similarly skilled in interceptor flight but only 6 months old, the result of the engagement will come down to skill augmented by a little luck.

The skills and methods taught in this seminar are fundamental in the successful location and lockdown of a potenntial target. Some ships are easier to have a point on while avoiding damage like a battleship while others will be very difficult to stop such as rapiers and destoyers, but with some skill and smart flying you can hold the target long enough for reinforcments to arrive.

This course covers how to successfully locate a target, place a point, survive, and escape. As a skirmisher this is your primary role. Each step is cruicial in making any mission a success.


The instructor will assume that you have studied the articles relevant to the class prior to attending class. You can find those relevant articles listed below in the index for your convenience. Please pay special attention to the naming conventions for bookmarks as these seem to trip up a lot of students. There is nothing wrong with having the bookmarks article open during class and referring to it when needed. If you merely skim or read the articles and do not study them in advance you could end up lost very fast. Remember that in PvP University classes, it is your responsibility to do the learning. We can only provide the information, you have to decide to learn it.




More to Follow


It will be assumed by the instructor that all of the following preparation has been done prior to the start of the course. The instructor will assume you have read all articles and wont rehash them completely. Furthermore, the instructor will not make the entire class wait if you are not present or don't have your headset working.

  1. Study the Agony Empire Rules of Engagement
  2. Read all articles indexed below.
  3. Buy and fit at least 3 ships and move them to the course location.
  4. Come on Ventrilo before the course to verify that your microphone and headset are working.
  5. Arrive BEFORE the class and set your clone location and make sure your clone is up to date.


Voice Communications in PvP

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Skirmishing Guide

Close vs. Far Away, Advanced Light Ship Fitting

An Introduction to Bookmarks in Eve

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