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The EVE Online Alliance Tournament is a competition between 64 different alliances that spans over 3 weekends. Tournament matches start with up to 20 pilots on the battlefield. In each match, teams fight to the death scoring points for each ship they kill from opposing side. Between the matches teams may regroup and change ships, pilots, and tactics in between each fight, making for unpredictable matches. Alliance tournaments are scheduled by CCP to happen at least once a year.

General Info

Preparing for the Alliance Tournament (under construction)

This section will contain a set of guides, advice and checklists that can be used to prepare for the alliance tournament. It is currently being written from the point of view a competitor in AT7. It should be edited and refined to accomplish multiple points of view. At the same time, since the rules will most likely change for next tournaments, it should be reworked for each tournament to be correct and complete.