POS Gunnery Certification

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General Info

  • Ribbon: POS-Gunner-ribbon2.gif
  • Evaluator Fee: 0 ISK
  • Agony Empire Fee: 0 ISK
  • Free for AGONY Rank: LTC+
  • Evaluator Required Certifications:
  • Evaluator Rank Requirements:
    • Lieutenant Commander
  • Approximate testing time: 30m

Certification Content

1. What skills and roles do you need to control e.g. 3 small blaster batteries and 1 stasis webifier battery at the same time?

2. Explain the process of taking control of a POS defense module. In which position do you have to be and how do you target an enemy ship and fire upon it?

3. What do POS guns / modules do, if no POS gunner is assigned and the POS gets attacked?

4. Can you activate modules on your ship while controlling POS guns? What will happen to modules that were already active when taking control of the gun?

5. What's the relative locking time of small, medium and large POS guns compared to each other? Is there any way to decrease locking time of a POS gun?

6. How do you check the ammunition in the guns of a friendly POS, assuming you have the correct roles. How would you go about reloading a large railgun battery which uses antimatter charges?

7. What's the point strength and range of regular warp disruptor batteries and warp scrambler batteries? How long does it take to lock a battleship in one of them?

8. What setup would you use against a BS fleet attacking a Deathstar (with all types of guns) and 3 POS gunners with Starbase Defense Management 4. Assume

  1. you have multiple webbers and points
  2. you don't have webbers but points,
  3. you have no webbers and no points.

9. Explain what your primary targets would be in

  1. a spider BS gang with support,
  2. in a capital fleet with sub capital support
  3. in a pure capital fleet

10. In addition to the guns and other defensive modules you can control as a POS gunner, the role and skill also grants you access to using the system scanning array. Explain the basic operation of this module.

  1. What is its scan range, sensor strength and minimum / maximum scan deviation?
  2. Can it miss a ship that isn't cloaked?
  3. How do you get and use scan results from the scanning array?
  4. How long does it take to scan a system, and is there anything you can do to lower this time? Is there anything you can do to increase its accuracy?

11. At what point is a gun incapacitated (unusable) by enemy fire? What must you do to make the gun available to use again?