Interceptor Combat Specialist Certification

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General Info

Certification Content

  1. General
    1. What is special about an interceptor and what bonuses / abilities should determine how you fly it?
    2. Explain the difference between a short range interceptor and a long range interceptor, and what their respective roles are. (please note this does not refer to the difference between combat interceptors and interdiction/tackling bonused interceptors, but rather to the difference in weapon range and how that affects interceptor combat and flight)
    3. Explain the dangers of tackling the following ship types: destroyers, assault & electronic assault, heavy assault, recon & battleships, and which specific ships you need to be especially careful about.
    4. Explain the dangers of tackling a hostile in an asteroid belt, and how environmental factors affect the way you fly your interceptor. (Asteroid belts, Gates, Stations, Deadspace missions & exploration complexes, etc)
  2. Navigation
    1. Explain why an interceptor pilot should never use approach except when bumping and what the proper procedure is for approaching targets.
    2. Explain why you shouldn't sit motionless whether on a gate or station when theres an enemy carrier, battleship, or other combat ship nearby.
    3. Explain what a bubble trap is and how to avoid or escape it.
    4. Explain how you can escape a situation where you jump into a system with a large bubble camp with distance webbing.
    5. Explain what a TAM is, and demonstrate how to perform a TAM on a target, as well as tactical fleet positioning.
    6. Explain why bumping with an interceptor is not a good idea.
    7. Demonstrate how you can use manual flying to escape another (faster) interceptor who is tackling you.
  3. Familiarize yourself with how Tech 1 Frigate Fishing works.
    1. Explain why Fishing works and how you can avoid being caught or kill the fisher.
  4. General Fitting questions
    1. Explain the way Nanofibers, Overdrives, Inertial Stabilizers stack with their rig counterparts.
    2. In which situations would you fit an armor repairer, plate, or shield extender in an interceptor?
    3. Explain how your mid-and low-slot selections affect your choice of weapons, and the role that you take in a fleet.