Covert Ops Certification

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General Info

Certification Content

  1. Explain how to fit up a CovOps frigate and if there are any special considerations for these ships
  2. Explain the conditions that must be met in order for a CovOps Cloak II to be successfully activated
  3. Explain the criteria for objects that cause your cloak to de-activate versus objects that prevent you from activating your cloak. Give some examples of both types of object.
  4. Navigation and Bookmarks
    1. Explain how the "Warp to", "Keep at" and "Orbit at" default ranges can be set to facilitate safe CovOps navigation.
    2. Explain what constitutes a pair of CovOps bookmarks, and why the distance of each is used.
    3. Demonstrate that you are able to create pairs of CovOps bookmarks by creating a pair on a gate in a given system.
    4. Demonstrate that you are able to jump into and escape from an Agony frigate gang supported by an interdictor camping a gate.
    5. Explain and demonstrate how to perform an insta-undock "Punt". Explain the special considerations for using a CovOps frigate vs another cloaking ship.
  5. Communication
    1. Explain the key types of ship and pilot information you should be able to report and how can you get and keep this intel
    2. Demonstrate that you are able to call intel whilst cloaked on grid at a gate
    3. Demonstrate that you are able to act as CovOps scout for an Agony gang operating in 0.0
    4. Explain what is meant by "relevant intel" when providing scouting for a gang
    5. Explain what considerations have to be kept in mind for dropping a gang at extremely close range on a target battleship
  6. Scan Probes
    1. Explain how to use scan probes to find ships in space
    2. Explain how to use scan probes to get near a target close to a gate (on grid) and the pros and cons of scanning vs flying out to the target