Interdictor Operations Specialist Certification

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General Info

Certification Content

  1. Explain the conditions that must be met in order for a ship to be pulled into a warp disruption bubble.
  2. State the minimum amount of time between deploying bubbles using a single launcher, and which skills (if any) affect this.
  3. Demonstrate that you can deploy a bubble in such a position as to cover as much of the area around a gate where incoming pilots will appear as possible.
  4. Demonstrate how you would use a bubble trap to catch another ship. Explain the various uses of bubble traps.
  5. Explain how you would use an Interdictor to hinder a pursuing gang.
  6. List the advantages and disadvantages of each of the four Interdictors.
  7. Explain and justify how you setup your chosen Interdictor.
  8. State the advantages and disadvantages of using two bubble launchers as opposed to one.
  9. Describe a situation where it would be advantageous to have a cloaking device fitted to your Interdictor.
  10. Demonstrate how to drop a bubble on a relatively stationary target and get out without being webbed. Are there any considerations in fitting you might want to think about when using an Interdictor as a fleet support ship?
  11. Describe how you would position your cloaked Interdictor off of a station undock such as Agony's HQ SOEA.
  12. Identify a scenario in which you would not engage another frigate / destroyer 1v1
  13. When is it appropriate to drop bubbles while you are part of a fleet?
  14. How will dropping a bubble affect your agro?
  15. How might a CovOps be used against you to keep your Interdictor aggressed?

Certification Practical

Using the test server demonstrate the following to your evaluator.

  1. Drop a bubble on your evaluator as he comes through the gate that catches him.
  2. Catch your evaluator in a bubble as he is warping to you. Evaluator will start 1 system out.
  3. Hinder your evaluators progress in catching your gang. Pilot should be placed on gate. Instructor 1 full system behind. Covops or rear guard has warned of an enemy fleet approaching from behind.